• We supply either 120 litre or 240 litre food waste wheelie bins to enable you to conveniently and cleanly disposing of your organic waste.
  • Bin collection can be Daily, Weekly, or tailored to suit your seasonal requirements.
  • One-off Events also catered for.
  • Operating 7 Days a Week (Excluding Christmas Day & New Year's Day).
  • Our bins are cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis.
Recently, Wellington City Council decided to stop accepting polylactide packaging (PLA), and compostable corn-starch bags, as input at their composting facility. Over the years compostable corn starch bags have been accepted and processed successfully in their commercial compost facility, Capital Compost. However the Council wants to achieve BioGro certification, to allow them to sell certified organic compost. Although this is not ideal for many of our customers waste recycling set up stations, we are not deterred, and see this as only a temporary problem in Wellington City.

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE of contamination. Contamination such as plastics, oils, cleaning products, containers and foils significantly compromises the quality of our compost product. If we receive contaminated material it will be diverted to landfill –and the cost of landfilling will be charged

vegetable and fruit,
​cooked meat/bones - small to medium in size
shells - egg
​breads and baking products

coffee grounds and filters
nuts and cereals pasta and rice
tea bags and tea leaves 
​cut flowers

​unbleached paper hand towels and serviettes



No oil based plastics
​No bleached napkins/products

No Liquids
​No Oils

No PLA compostable serviceware - coffee cups
No Compostable Bio Bags 
We have decided due to the logistics of collecting food waste from many of our customers.  We will continue collecting in the compostable corn starch bags, however we DO NOT send these bags to the compost facility.These bags are separated and sent to landfill.Choosing to be BioGro certified, does have its repercussions, that Wellington City Council has chosen to accept.
Please remember: your certified compostable packaging is still a more sustainable option than traditional plastic packaging.